Monday, June 22, 2015

Sunset - Need To Do This More Often

At the end of a somewhat stressful day recently, I hopped into the saddle and managed to get in just over 20 miles before the sun set. I got back to my car, hoisted the bike onto the roof rack and was set to pick up something for dinner and begin an evening of email and paperwork . . . and then a though hit me. I cycle on some of the most spectacular roads with beautiful scenery, why not take a few moments to just park and watch the sun set. Something I've not done in quite some time.

The lake was my starting and stopping point for this ride, and there were a few people enjoying the serenity of the water, but I knew that a ridge just a mile or so away would provide a much better view, so off I went. I got there just as the fire was dropping over the horizon.

In some ways, I think I put these photos here more as a reminder to me . . . take time to look up . . . to stop . . . to just appreciate the simple things that are all around us. I sometimes take things for granted, but looking at these picture, it helps to remind me to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n and live.

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