About Us

Sure . . . don't all Web sites have an 'About Us' page? Even if the 'us' part right now is really just me?

Litchfield Hills Connecticut

The creation of this site was inspired in March 2015 by a combination of things, but in many ways, some of the content you read was written in my mind over the last four decades or cycling . . . and running . . . and walking . . . but I've decided to focus my efforts primarily on the common elements found in both cycling and mindfulness. The more I've thought about it, it strikes me that cycling is the perfect analogy for mindfulness . . . a topic I've just formally learned about in recent years.

In case you're visiting this site from outside the United States, the small state of Connecticut is located in the northeast and is one of six New England states. I've lived in different parts of Connecticut, and elsewhere in New England, so the majority of my miles — and the thoughts that were along for the ride — were in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. I've also had the pleasure to cycle in Florida, Washington, New York, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Italy, Australia, and elsewhere . . . so it's possible that some of those memories may creep into my posts as well.  

Before I get off track, let me just share the combination of seemingly unrelated things that were on my mind and which led to the impromptu creation of this site:
  1. Brutal Winter
  2. Daylight Savings Time
  3. First Outdoor Ride of the Season
  4. Death and Dying
  5. My Daughter's Blog
Brutal Winter (2014-2015)
For starters, we had a brutal winter here in Connecticut . . . and yes . . . I know everything is relative, but I'm not a big fan of winter to begin with so I will call it brutal. Especially from a cycling perspective. The calendar has a date when winter is set to officially begin . . . and end, but I've learned that 'winter' has less to do with a date and more to do with the temperature and how much snow is on the ground. Either or both can put a quick end to one's outdoor cycling season. I don't recall the exact date of my last outdoor ride, but sometime in mid-December for sure. From time to time, I've read about 'Seasonal Affective Disorder' and find it all-too familiar, even though not a clinical diagnosis for me. As far as acronyms go, SAD is about as accurate as one can get.

Daylight Savings Time
One of the hardest days (weeks) of the year for me, no matter what's going on in life, is the Saturday night when we're told to set our clocks back one hour to mark the end of daylight savings time. As the saying goes, 'Spring Ahead, Fall Back." Suddenly, we find that it's the end of a work day or even before dinner, yet it is dark out. Ugh . . . and we'll have about four months of this.

First Outdoor Ride of the Season
With the exception of two very cold, wind-chilled outings with a couple of like-minded (a/k/a crazy) friends . . . my first true outdoor ride of the season is always a special occasion . . . a rebirth of sorts. Rejuvenating and an exciting reminder of how good it feels to be back out on the road - with all that comes with it. 

Death and Dying
I recently lost a 92-year old relative (February) and a 61-year old friend and former colleague/CEO (March). Both were certainly sad events, but their ages and circumstances being entirely different left me processing these two deaths in very disparate ways. In addition, I have recently been staying with a close friend . . . a former neighbor of 20+ years . . . who is currently 90 and has a few health challenges that wouldn't be appropriate for me to discuss online. He's been very open in discussions about his end of life, and is one of several people I see regularly who emphasize the need to live each day, stand up for what you believe in, speak the truth, and hug those you love as often as possible. While he has never used the term mindfulness, my friend John certainly seems to have embraced many of the concepts. At 53, I find myself with a very different outlook now, compared to when I started cycling in my mid-teens.

[Update . . . my friend John died on the 21st of May 2015, just one week after his 91st birthday. Though it was hard emotionally, it was my honor to be with him to help during his final weeks. It's ironic that even though I was the one helping him, it was HE who gave me the gift of understanding compassion for a friend. His words during our conversations those last couple weeks will stay with me always.]

My Daughter's Blog
The younger of my two daughters called me recently from her freshman dorm at the University of South Carolina . . . she was thinking of sharing some of her writings online after having won an award for one of her articles. The process of brainstorming with her . . . just being involved and being asked for input was such a great feeling. If we're fortunate enough to be parents, we raise children to be strong, independent, self-thinkers, yet when they grow to become just that . . . they 'need' us less and less. Or not at all. There's no better feeling, in m opinion, than to be a father receiving a call from a daughter asking for just a little bit of help with a project. I look forward to whatever she chooses to write about - Everything's Just Write.

Hope you enjoy my ramblings . . . . feel free to comment.